I B.R.D.C. Empire Trophy (Heat 1), 1932
Racing cars up to 1500cc
Brooklands Outer Circuit, Weybridge, Great Britain

This race was an amalgamation of what had been intended as 3 (of 4) heats to determine the finalists for the Empire Trophy. Due to the small entry, the 750cc, 1100cc and 1500cc classes ran together: the 1500cc cars were actually entered in a 2000cc class, for which a number of larger cars were also entered, but which all either failed to start or did not arrive. Howe, Humphreys and March were judged to have won their classes, but only Howe and Widengren took part in the final, although the original rules said that the first four in each heat would progress.

April 30 18 laps x 4453 m = 80.154 km Pole Position: --- Fastest Lap: ---


Pos Cla. # Driver, Nationality Entrant Car - Engine Time, Laps Reason Out
1 1   Francis Howe GBR Earl Howe 1.5 Delage 15S8 28'17"  
2 2   Henken Widengren SWE Henken Widengren 1.5 OM 865 28'55"  
3 3   W.G. Humphreys GBR   1.1 Amilcar C6 32'15"  
4 4   Earl of March GBR Earl of March 0.7 Austin 7 32'18"  
5 DNF 23 A.B. Gilbert GBR Vernon Balls 1.1 Crossley 10   Gasket
6 DNF 24 Geoffrey Crowther GBR Vernon Balls 1.1 Crossley 10   Oil pressure
7 DNF   Goldie Gardner GBR   0.7 MG C-type Midget   Gasket
8 DNF   Frank Ashby GBR   1.1 Riley 9 6 Engine
9 DNA   Bummer Scott GBR   1.5 Delage 15S8   Car sold
10 DNA 22 Vernon Balls GBR Vernon Balls 1.1 Crossley 10    


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